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Actor, director Narek Duryan, who has celebrated her jubilee anniversaries usually with premieres of the new performances, has decided not to change the tradition this year and tell his friends about what he feels and thinks about at the age of 60. Imagine for a moment that there is a place in the world where you can offer a love menu. After all, love is not just between a man and a woman. Love can be a profession, homeland, own meals, tasty dishes and even bad habits. In other words, there are many forms of love, and love is relative. This is Narek Duryan's new "Love Menu" mono comedy. BRAVO.am was present at the premiere.

Narek Duryan appeared on the stage of Bohemian Theater as a puppet, as a doll who wants to get rid of the hanging hooks and to free himself. During the performance he was sometimes assisted by young actresses of the theater, but in the main role was Narek Duryan. He talked for about two hours, joked and saddened by the audience where mostly people were invited guests, actors and friends. That's how Duryan's performances are going on. they are staged for friends, but they soon become a playlist and are presented to the audience for years.

"You know, when you fall in love with someone, and that love does not come to an end, it's still so discouraging and painful as unanswered love, for example, to your profession ... There were such thoughts in my head and an idea came about playing a 60th birthday and tell the audience what I'm thinking and feeling right now. On the occasion of my 50th birthday, I staged the performance of "C'est la Vie", and my 55th birthday, "Coma nostra". The audience is the judge. It has to decide whether the performance will become a playlist, whether he or she will love it or not. Fortunately, my previous performances have lasted for five, ten, or more years. I don't even think about it, I just decided to talk to my friends today, "said the actor during our conversation.

We also were interested about what he considered his greatest achievement over the past 60 years. After thinking for a few seconds, Narek Duryan said having full halls: "There can be no bigger achievement than that."

At the end of the performance, Bohemian theater’s staff gave a nice surprise to the actor in the form of a big holiday cake and a newly published book. Narek Duryan's five plays were published as playwrights. If you also want to be part of this presentation, we’ll mention that the next "Love Menu" will also be presented in May, in Narek Duryan's Bohemian Theater, where he works and creates a "free doll" without any unnecessary threads and chains …