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Rafael Yeranosyan: He was born on July 25, 1981 in Lenughi village of Armavir marz. In 2006 he graduated from the actor’s studio and worked as an actor at Yerevan Chamber Theater.

Participated in international theatrical festivals in the Chamber Theater.

He played and plays at the Chamber Theater in a number of performances including “Cabaret”, “Sasuntsi David Copperfield”, “Lincy Show Program” (Albania +), “Governmental Concert”, “Nazar, Nazar to the End", " Everyday New Year, "" Everyday New Year", " The firefly’s call", "Gentlemen, everything is destroyed, but still we can live and have fun","Very Love Story "," I’Zen"," Amnesia " "White Storks". Played in films winning "Artavazd" prize in the nomination  "Best Youth Performance": "Scotch and Whiskey", "Confession of Love.

He has hosted a "Good Morning" program on Radio.

Rafael Yeranosyan also performs in several anti-piracy performances:

32 Theater “Stop”, OK Social Comedies, “No Comment”, “7 and a Half”, “Glamorous Chobans”, “Don Juans in Marseille”, “Song of Armenia”, “Hotel California”, and more.

Movies and TV projects,

"Kargin Serial", "The Priestess", "Alabalanica", "Super Mama", “Poker.am”, "Zhanna", "Fathers", "Caligula". "Kargin Show", "Love Factor", "League of Married", "Fairy-Taled", "Mrs. Claus", "32 Teeth", "Who Are They?", "Qare Dard".

Rafael Yeranosyan also presents his own "T-Rafik" humorous mono presentation.

Rafael Yeranosyan was awarded with the Certificate of Merit of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia, Grigor Narekatsi Memorial Medal of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia and a diploma.

Plays at Bohemian Theater, "My wife's name is Morris", "The Chicks are counted in autumn"".